Vertical Vibration

Exclusive exercise technology for the elite athlete

Does your program need a competitive edge? If so, you've come to the right place.

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The Nerve Health Institute is the ONLY fitness equipment provider in the WORLD to offer patented Vertical Vibe equipment for elite athletes

The Vertical Vibe Pro 1000, the Vibra Stack 10000 and Vibra Stack 20000 machines are ideal for professional and NCAA athletic programs who make strength training and conditioning a priority to compete at the highest level in the athletic arena.

Looking for proof? Watch the video to see elite athletes working out with the Vertical Vibe Pro 1000 while offering feedback on how this cutting-edge technology will change the future of strength training.

Low-impact, high results

Vibra Stack 10000
  • Advanced fitness requires advanced training techniques
  • Simply the most elite training system the weight-lifting market has ever seen
  • Total-body muscle conditioning through vibration weight training

Gain a competitve edge: Vertical Vibe offers strength, power and endurance training for elite athletes using Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training.

Developed by Olympic athletes for over four decades, this cutting-edge training technology allows the body to work more directly against gravity, essentially allowing you to use your own body weight to work out with, while limiting stress to the joints.

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About Vertical Vibration

Vertical Vibration training gives elite athletes an edge over the competition. Strength and conditioning coaches are now able to prepare athletes better for game time and rehailitate injuries like never before. Call or click now to schedule a demonstration of Vertical Vibe products. >

Video Testimonial

Watch elite athletes complete a training routine using the Vertical Vibe Pro 1000 and then provide their expert opinion on the product.

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